Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Now that I know where I want to go and how I am going to get there... I need ... support! But I have to choose the right people to support me... not just tell "everybody" (like in a blog! j/k) no but honestly, you do need support from people who understand you, love you and want you to succeed!

Last night my husband went out to get pizza, I couldn't cook here at home for several reasons, but the point is that I asked him to bring something "better" for me.... He said it would take him longer, he was really hungry, etc.... he said he would just bring the pizza home. I thought I might not eat then, but I felt like: -whatever, if he brings pizza, then it "was meant to happen" - Once he got home he told me that my thin side called him and talked to him so he brought something different for me, I just laughed! He's been reading my blog so he is now using my own "vocabulary" of my thin and fat sides. It was really funny, so he brought me a pizza, yes, but from Lean Cuisine, I know it is still not the best option, but for "emergencies" it's better than a regular pizza, I was hungry at the end, but I was happy to know my husband will help my thin self come back to the surface!

The picture above is not to make us struggle... It's just to show my lean cuisine pizza and remind us all that even in situations like that (when we cannot cook or we are outside or in a rush) we can still "choose better"

So, Who is your support?

Thin-side out.


  1. I'm really glad to hear that your hubby came through on the better option for you - I can't imagine how hard loosing weight would be without having your family as a support system!

  2. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing. -Lia-