Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby steps - One battle at a time

My husband is very thin and he loves eating healthy but he also loves pastry, all baked goods and candy! he bought brownie bites and some pumpkin muffins on Thursday, I had 3 big slices of pizza for dinner and those brownies and muffins for dessert ugh! As you know I am trying (since yesterday, Friday) to watch what I eat and exercise, having brownies in the house was SUCH A BIG TEMPTATION! I kept fighting against myself!, it's like if the thin woman who wants to come out was fighting the fat woman who doesn't want to go! It was such a battle, almost like a real discussion inside my head, the thin woman inside of me telling me not to eat those brownies and the fat woman arguing and saying that brownies wouldn't make such a big difference in an already 227lb. woman!

It was hard! I kept finding the fat side of me going to the cabinet where my thin-side had tried to hide the brownies!!! And I found myself saying: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Don't you want to be thin ever again?"

I am happy I won that first of the many battles to come, it is hard being your worst enemy!!! But I am confident I will win this war one battle at a time!

Thin-side out.

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  1. Oh I know EXACTLY how you feel! My outer fat side battles my inner skinny all the time. sadly, my fat girl usually wins! lol

    Congratulations on winning the brownie battle!
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest